The curious case of dependency conflicts

If I were to ask a question to a room filled with android developers “How many of you have been in that place of sheer helplessness and panic when your gradle build fails because of a version conflict in dependencies?” ..I am pretty sure a lot of them would raise their hand or agree to being in that state and the very first action would be to hop onto stackoverflow and search for possible solutions in this type of a situation. »

Own a maven repository, like a boss! – Part 2

The world of artifacts and the way they make the life of a developer simpler, fascinates me to a great extent. For the same reason I have gone through a lot of good articles online, which explain how the whole process works. However most of the documentation is either not up to date or lacks proper explanation. Personally all I care about is how does it work and how can I make it simpler. »

Own a maven repository, like a boss! – Part 1

Have you ever thought how the central repository works like Maven Central or JCenter? Is it possible to own one for yourself? Do you want to host your artifacts in your own private repository? If your answer is YES, well you are in the right place. I am going to walk you through basic steps involved in setting up your own maven repository where you can publish your artifacts, using all but your terminal, git and a public remote repository hosting service of your choice ( i. »

Meet JACK & JILL , Android’s experimental toolchain

JACK & JILL are part of the new tool chain for android and in the words of Android Developer Blog they are designed to improve build times and simplify development by reducing dependencies on other tools In case you are curious, JACK stands for Java Android Compiler Kit and JILL stands for Jack Intermediate Library Linker. Woa ..woa..wooaaaa ..thats sounds too technical ..lets slow this down, right. JACK & JILL were released as an experimental tool chain in the Android SDK 21. »

Life without wires : ADB over WiFi

Tired of being tied to your laptop/desktop while debugging your android apps ? Well let me break it to you – You are NOT the FIRST person to do it. Its a common practice to tether your device via a USB cable to the host machine and debug android apps.Well here is something for you that is going to set you free. Yes literally. You can run adb over WiFi (period) »