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The A, B and C of Lifecycle Components @Droidcon Berlin

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Droidcon Berlin ‘18, Berlin, Germany


If you’ve been developing Android applications for a while now, you know the pain of handling the lifecycle just right. It’s a pain-point that has existed since the advent of Android, up until recently when Google released Architecture components. As an Android developer you are bugged by handling activity/fragment lifecycle and flow of data in tandem to the lifecycle changes day in and out. Making your code aware about the lifecycle of the process/activity/fragment makes you more confident as a developer and enables faster development. This session would enable you to understand Lifecycle components (ProcessLifecycleOwner, LifecycleOwner, LifecycleObserver) and how they are leveraged in other architecture components like LiveData and ViewModel.




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Nishant Srivastava
Nishant Srivastava
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