And' Libraries, Stop Starting up! @Droidcon Americas
· ☕ 1 min read
Droidcon Americas ‘20, Online Abstract A lot of Android libraries are being built/shipped by indie devs and companies alike. Everyone wants to start working inside the host application as quickly as possible.

Demystifying Android Libraries @AppdevCon
· ☕ 1 min read
AppdevCon ‘19, Amsterdam, Netherlands Abstract Building an Android library in the current times is way different than what it used to be earlier.

Is your Android Library, Lifecycle-Aware?
· ☕ 9 min read · ✍️ Nishant
Lifecycle events in Android. It has been a pain point for Android developers all over the world. It is no brainer that, most of the times the main cause of a memory leak in the codebase is because an invalid state is accessed which is out of sync with the lifecycle of the activity/fragment of the app.