Kotlin MP: Into the Multi-Verse @FOSDEM
· β˜• 1 min read
FOSDEM 2020: Kotlin Devroom, Brussels, Belgium Abstract Kotlin Multiplatform is the new kid on the cross-platform block. The approach although is very different from what you have seen in the past.

Cooking with Coroutines Recipes @Mobilization IX
· β˜• 1 min read
Mobilization IX, Łódź, Poland Abstract Kotlin Coroutines graduated to stable release just last year and are fairly new for everyone adopting them. That means a lot of the information is not quite straightforward when it comes to implementing them in current projects.

Hello 'Kotlin' World @Code & Coffee
· β˜• 1 min read
Code & Coffee, Vancouver, Canada Abstract Kotlin programming language is gaining popularity nowadays. It’s a modern language that gives more power in everyday routines.It’s a pragmatic language with a very low learning curve and can be quickly grasped by Java developers.