Do you like to ADB?

Lets face it we all have been there , trying to fiddle with managing our emulators and dev devices. And at max we would do is try to manually manage it. Let me make this clear I am not talking about tests here as that’s all related to the code. My focus here is on managing the device/emulator that’s paired with your dev environment/system (..and to your IDE - Android Studio , if you still use Eclipse you are simply oblivious to the joys of coding in Android [here is a long blank stare from me to you] ). »

Whats in the APK?

If I give you the code of an android app and ask you to provide me information regarding the android app like minSdkVersion, targetSdkVersion, permissions, configurations, almost anyone who knows how to code an android app would provide it to me in a few minutes. But what if I gave you an android apk file and then ask you to answer for the same 🤔 Its tricky if you try to think at the very first instance. »

Meet JACK & JILL , Android’s experimental toolchain

JACK & JILL are part of the new tool chain for android and in the words of Android Developer Blog they are designed to improve build times and simplify development by reducing dependencies on other tools In case you are curious, JACK stands for Java Android Compiler Kit and JILL stands for Jack Intermediate Library Linker. Woa ..woa..wooaaaa ..thats sounds too technical ..lets slow this down, right. JACK & JILL were released as an experimental tool chain in the Android SDK 21. »