Update Dependencies.Code.Repeat.

Agree or not agree, but on an average consensus pretty much every android dev goes through the loop of Update Dependencies.Code.Repeat. for each of his/her android project. Its frustrating, a waste of time and super annoying when you would want to have the same version across all projects. One of such situations that I recently got into was trying to keep all my apps under Android-Examples repository on github updated. As you can see it the repository has multiple small and simple examples of completely functional android apps. »

The curious case of dependency conflicts

If I were to ask a question to a room filled with android developers “How many of you have been in that place of sheer helplessness and panic when your gradle build fails because of a version conflict in dependencies?” ..I am pretty sure a lot of them would raise their hand or agree to being in that state and the very first action would be to hop onto stackoverflow and search for possible solutions in this type of a situation. »