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Maestro Magic: Creating UI Tests with Effortless Ease for Developers @Android Worldwide

 ·  โ˜• 1 min read

Android Worldwide, Online


Testing is an important part of making sure your app works well. Maestro makes it easier for you to test UI of your Android, iOS, Flutter, and React Native apps. During this talk, you will learn how to create a simple app and test various common use-cases using Maestro. You’ll see how to write a test in a special file format called YAML, which can be used run UI tests on Android, iOS, Flutter and React Native app. Maestro also helps you keep track of your test results and see how your app is doing over time.

You’ll understand how to use Maestro’s special tools, like Maestro Studio, to record events in your app, and Maestro Cloud to run your tests and see the results. You’ll see how to test common use-cases such as the Login and Sign Up flows, and different types of scrolling (both up and down, and side to side). You’ll also understand how to test for things like animations and delays. With Maestro, testing is so easy anyone can write UI tests. Join in to learn how Maestro can help you make your app better and make sure it works well for everyone who uses it.




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