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Fun Project : Javadoc-Themer

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I am pretty sure you would agree to the fact that the usual javadoc is not a something everyone likes. The colors are what makes it superrrrrrr boring. Yeah , I actually despise those weird colors and the fact that its been around for so long , made me think how to solve this. Also if you try looking it up on the internet there aren’t any solutions that basically solved this in a programmatic way.

Well look no more…. TADAAAAAAA !!

Introducing Javadoc-Themer (..insert suppperrr happy smiley here).

So what does this do actually ? Well it basically makes it easy for you to control what colors your generated javadoc uses.

Using Javadoc-Themer you can choose the colors for each part of your javadoc and generate a stylesheet of it. Next you provide the stylesheet as an argument while generating your javadocs and there you have a better looking javadoc (^_^)

Refer to How to section in the Javadoc-Themer for more information.

Here is a comparison of both


The code for Javadoc-Themer is open sourced on github and you can find the webapp here

Star it, fork it or simply use it to build better looking javadocs.

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