Nishant Srivastava

Nishant is an Android Engineer based in Berlin, Germany. He is an open source enthusiast who spends his time doodling when not hacking on Android, while also being a caffeine-dependent life-form. He can be found either talking about android libraries or advocating that coffee is the elixir of life at community gatherings. He has experience in Android SDK Engineering, Firmware Engineering and Audio Digital Signal Processing(DSP) on Android.

He is an Intel Software Innovator and part of the’s Android & Flutter Team.

He has been part of 3 startups in the past, ranging from being the Founding team member at OmniLabs, Inc., being the First employee at Silverpush for whom he developed the company’s patented UAB (Unique Audio Beacon) Technology [Patent 1,Patent 2] [Featured in Techcrunch, Business Today, Live Mint] to being an Android Engineer at Soundbrenner where he dabbled in the art of Firmware Engineering a bit for their custom wearable product, Core while managing their Android application.